Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Databases: thinking different

Today I read another great article from Martin Fowler's web page DatabaseThaw.
In these days it seems there is no place to databases philosophy other than relational and the RDBMS titans.
I would like to note one database in "the dark side" commented in the above article, neo4j, a graph oriented database.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Detach an entity from JPA persistence context

1 - Previously
Ok, you have designed a great domain model and then translete it to a database or, also much probably, have designed a great database and then generated the corresponding entity classes.

2 - Now
You have some GUI to get user input data. Easy. You create a new domain object (customer, product, bill or whatever else) and persist it through your favourite JPA engine.
Now you have some GUI that lists the available objects in your domain (again customer, product, bill or whatever else. I good idea could be obtain that objects in the way of domain object, I suppose for that reason you create a model, then you can change properties in some of that objects and store (persist) again those changes, so called merge changes.

3 - The question

Here comes the question. How can you detach an object from the persistence context? If you could get a dettached object you could modify its properties, then if the user agrees persist its new state or leave unchaged otherwise.

4 - The solution (or better say 'some of the solutions')
Detach an entity from JPA/EJB3 persistence context

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where is Java plug-in under Java 6u10?

I think I'm not the first who downloads the last Java6 update 10 release and maybe those I was surprised.
I just download the 64bits Linux version and when trying to configure the Java plugin in Firefox I found (or better say) I didn't find the plugin file.
Looking a bit I found this post. It seems the 64 bits plugin version is still in development :(

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ubuntu scream !!!

Probably I should be worried about my mental health if I make a Roschard's test, but the first time a see the new Ubutu Intrepid background I saw:

an sreaming skull !!!