Thursday, November 23, 2006

Glassfish and socket problems

I was trying use gnu.hylafax libraries (a libraries that implement the HylaFAX protocol, similar to the FTP) to comunicate with a HylaFAX server.
I had created an EJB module with a class containig all the necessary code. I had been tested it in a simple java application and works fine, but when I put it into the EJB class, it fails. See the post at: Hylafax connection into an EJB module to see the error.

To resume the error was in the socket implementation. Looking for help I saw that many people has the same problem, and the solution was to do (see
Unable to launch the Java AppServer or Timeout waiting for domain1 to start):

  • cd \domains\domain1
  • edit config\domain.xml
  • search for elements like
  • add
  • save the file.