Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Looking for EJB3 and JSF integration with Sun webui-jsf

Ok, after a good job you good model business and model layer, that is, you have a set of amazing entities (using JPA) and a set of business objects (EJB session beans).
Now you want to make a beautiful presentation tier. You can immolate or make a precise job using servlets, JSP or by your hand JSF pages.

But no, you are pretty lazy and also you are saw some videos using the new NetBeans VisualWebPack and you want to try its visual component and its easy to use.

What?... you can bind components (tables, labels, text fiels, droplist, ...) to tables or SELECTions, but what about my business layer? what can I do with all my previous job?

I was looking for "binding ejb to jsf" and here are some interesting links which points to some blueprints solutions:
JSF + Session Facade + Entity Bean (EJB3)
JSF combined with EJB, how??

but finally I found (not that I want but at least):
Creator/Vsual Web Pack sources are available in Netbeans repository

It seems in NB 5.5 it is not possible bind an EJB3 to a JSF visual component, but it will be possible in NB6.

Visual Web Development in NetBeans
Visual Web Consumer of Enterprise Java Beans from Services Tab

Finally, I want to point to Project Woodstock: ...an Open Source library of JSF components that provide modern presentations, including the use of AJAX. And borrowed from here: Woodstock is a new Java.net open source project that provides an extensive set of JavaServer Faces (JSF) components for web application developers to build enterprise level applications, and can be fully drag-and-drop enabled within NetBeans 5.5 and its Visual Web Pack.

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