Friday, January 04, 2008

NetBeans and the suite chaining

Lately I was fighting with the suite chaining concept. Although you need to do some thing manually (there is no automatic task in NB) it is very straightforth to do it.
Sorry, but I think for reading the next lines you must be familiarized with the NetBeans jargon. It is not too much complex but sounds you as a foreign language you can't understand. You can start reading this first.

As the documentacion in the $NETBEANS/harness/README file says:
Suppose you have one platform P1, say the bare NetBeans Platform. Then you have a module suite S1 with modules M1a...M1z which uses P1. Now it may happen that you want another suite S2 with modules M2a...M2z to depend on S1 as well as P1. This is possible, though not yet trivial to set up. Basically, you will make a new platform P2 by building S1 + P1.

The idea is create a module suite S2, instead of based in the NetBeans platform, based on a derived platform build from a previous module suite S1.

Ok, that sounds easy but what about a real study case? Well, to explain it I prefer to point this post in the Fabrizzio's blog: NetBeans RCP - beyond suite chaining.

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